Why Pitbulls Are So Hated? Are They Really As Bad As The Media Says?

By Pet Grooming Tips

January 24, 2019

There are quite a few stories about Pitbull dogs that are dangerous. Some of these animals have been in the media and they have even injured several people. These dogs may be the most misunderstood dog in the dog world. There is a stigma attached to this dog that it is very dangerous and that is why a lot of people seem to hate the breed. Here’s a little bit more about pit bulls and their behaviours.


Put Dog Collars On Pit Bull Dogs And Treat Your Dogs Nicely

Several years ago, the pit bull was quite a trusted breed. They were said to be patient, friendly, and good around children. In the 1980s, this breed of dog developed a bad reputation. One of the reasons for this, is because a lot of criminals started to get pit bull dogs. They use them to guard their possessions, to threaten other people, and to help them with their criminal activities. Many of these criminal dog owners mistreated their animals and turn them into very vicious dogs. We have to remember, that a dog is still a wild animal.  If you mistreat a dog, it’s going to resort back to its natural tendencies of aggression in order to survive. It’s going to attack other people because that is the natural aggression of a dog. We have domesticated dogs, but they still have that natural aggression within them.


Taking Care Of Your Dog With Pet Products

You can train a dog to be friendly and to be quite lovable. At the same time, you can train a dog to be quite vicious and aggressive towards people. This is why the Pitbull has such a bad reputation. Many of these dogs have been trained by people to be aggressive. It’s not necessarily the dogs fault, but the fault of the actual dog owner. Many dogs including pit bulls that go through neglect or abuse are going to be quite aggressive. It’s irresponsible dog owners and breeders that are to blame for the aggressive behavior of Pitbull’s and it’s not really the dog.

We like to think of the pit bull is being aggressive because it leads to a sensational news story and people are going to be shocked that a Pitbull attack someone or caused an injury. If you look to the root cause of the aggression in the pit bull, it’s caused by irresponsible dog owners. While there are cases of Pitbull’s attacking people for no reason, this can happen with any dog do to the fact that a dog is still a wild animal and it can resort to those natural tendencies from time to time. A Pitbull should not be seen as an aggressive dog it should be seen as any other regular dog if it is looked at and cared for properly. This dog can be quite friendly and very happy if it is looked after. Any dog that is not looked after including a pit bull, is going to have aggressive tendencies because it is just trying to survive.



While aggression does exist in dogs including Pitbull’s, most serious aggression in dogs is caused by irresponsible dog owners and bad behaviors that the dog has learned. We can train dogs to be very friendly and very happy towards other people. At the same time, we can train dog to be very aggressive and vicious. They will resort to these natural tendencies if they are not looked at properly. If you don’t feed the dog, take it for a walk, give it a bath, and otherwise make it happy, it’s going to be aggressive. The same can be said of a human being.If a human being is not looked after it’s going to become quite violent and aggressive because it’s the survival Instinct.

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