Pur-fecting’ the dog wash – 3 tips to implement into your weekly wash!

By Pet Grooming Tips

February 17, 2019

Your dog needs a good bass to keep clean add to keep diseases away from their body. A clean dog is a healthy and a happy dog, but this can be a challenge for some people as they don’t know quite how to wash their dog in the best way. Here’s a couple of tips to keep in mind while you wash your dog. Just remember to keep a regular washing schedule for your dog about once per week to keep them looking great feeling great and as healthy as possible.  Veterinarians recommend that you wash your pet at least once per week. This can eliminate scratching, itching, and other problems with your dog’s coat. Te dog really doesn’t lose oil from their coat like some people think. They do require having their coat washed more often than you might realize for proper health.


Get Organised with Dog Grooming Products

Before you start washing your dog’s coat you need to get yourself organized. You should be organized before you put any water on your dog because they might get away from you and splash water all over the place. You want to be prepared and have all of your items with you before you start washing your dog’s coat. Make sure you use shampoo that is designed for a dog and not for a human being. Even the gentlest of shampoo that we use on humans and even babies can damage your dogs delicate coat or their skin and need to be avoided at all costs. The pH In these products is different from that of your dog. If you don’t know the proper shampoo or your dog, ask your veterinarian or your local pet supply store about the proper shampoo to use with your dog. never wash your dog until you are certain that the shampoo you were using is the right one.


Pet Products like A Lead Can Ensure Your Pup Doesnt Run Away

Ensure that you have a proper work area when you plan to wash your dog. You should have plenty of towels available, so you can be ready to mop up the spills that are going to occur when your dog starts to shake water out of its coat. you should block the drain of the tub, so no hair gets into the tub and causes a clog. You should try to keep a nice clean work area when you wash your dog so it’s an easy process for you to go through.


Wash With Shampoo That Is From A Natural Pet Store

Once the dog is in the tub make sure you have a non-slip mat. This will help your dog stay stable in the tub because they will get stressed out if there is slipping around in the tub while you’re trying to wash them. There’s plenty of mats that you can get at a pet supply store that’ll be suitable for this purpose. Your own bath mat at home will probably work as well or you can get one designed for dogs at your pet supply store. Once your pet is inside the tub, you should reassure them that the bat is going to be fun.You should give them a pet every once in awhile as you wash them and tell them that they are being a good boy or girl. Your soothing voice will make it easier for them to enjoy the bath because for some dogs it can be a bit of a traumatic experience for them especially when they are not used to it. You could even offer a treat or two during the washing process to keep your dog’s mind off of the wash.



These are just a few simple tricks that you can use when you wash your dog. You should make sure you have everything gathered that you need before you wash your dog and that you have a decent in clean work area so you’re not scrambling around while washing your dog. Make sure you have a safe and stable tub area and that your dog isn’t getting stressed out when you wash them.



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