3 tips to make a dog smell better

By Pet Grooming Tips

January 24, 2019

For most people, dogs that smell badly are not pleasant to be around. Owners are not willing to spend a substantial amount of time with their dogs if they smell bad. Your pet dog loves you, it gives you all their love and attention. So, you should also give your dog some love and attention in return by making sure your dog smells nice and is pleasant to be around. The reason a dog can smell bad is because it might have bad breath, poorly maintained fur or having spent time in a dirty environment. Therefore, you should invest in pet products and pet grooming equipment to keep your dog smelling wonderful.

Tip 1: Bathing Your Dog With Pet Products

The most important thing you should do to keep your dog smelling great is to bathe it! There are many different types of dog shampoo available on the market. You should look at some pet products online and study what shampoo and equipment is right for the type of dog you have. Bathing your dog is a simple process. Here are the simple steps.

  1. Completely wet your dog
  2. Apply the shampoo all over the dog’s body while avoiding they eyes and the ears
  3. Rinse the shampoo
  4. Apply Conditioner
  5. Let your dog shake off the water
  6. Dry your dog ASAP.



Tip 2: Groom Your Dog  

If you want your dog to smell and look nice, you should groom it. This includes cleaning out your dog’s ears, cleaning your dog’s teeth and brushing your dog’s fur every day. You should research some pet products online and pet grooming products at a pet shop, so you purchase the correct grooming products for your type of Dog. Also follow the instructions that are published on the pet grooming products to be sure you are grooming your dog correctly.


Tip 3: Cleaning your Dog’s Bedding With Pet Products Online

Your dog spends several hours sleeping in its lifetime. Therefore, to keep your dog smelling great you should wash and clean your dog’s bedding weekly. It is best to machine-wash your dog’s cloth bedding and then you should hang it outside and let it dry 

naturally, for best results. If your dog does not have bedding items that are non-machine washable, the items should be washed down with a hose and then scrubbed with a sponge and some mild dish washing soap. To find the right bedding for your dog, look at some pet products online that relate to bedding.

Additionally, to those three tips make sure your dog stays healthy. Unhealthy dogs often don’t smell particularly nice. Make sure your dog is eating good quality healthy dog food and that she is taken out of the house for regular exercise.

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